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Biu Jee (“Darting Fingers” in Cantonese) is the third form of Wing Chun, and is the most advanced empty hand form of the style. Traditionally, it had been a closely guarded form and taught only to the most trusted students, as many of its techniques are designed to suppress those from Chum Kiu and Siu Nim Tau.

The distinguishing characteristic of Biu Jee is its sudden explosive power. In Siu Nim Tau the aim had been to develop "inch power" from the wrists and forearms. Biu Jee goes further and releases explosive power from the fingers and fingertips.

Biu Jee also teaches the grappling (or joint-locking) and tripping techniques of Wing Chun, namely Lip Sau (“Hunting Hand”) and Huen Po (“Circle Stepping”). A student who has mastered Biu Jee can easily inflict great injury against the opponent in a split second.

Our eBook contains an illustrated guide to the Biu Jee Form, together with detailed notes setting out key concepts, drills and applications.

    • Use Darting Fingers to attack whilst defending, and maintain the momentum of an attack even if blocked

    • Use elbows to open up the opponent for a strike

    • Neutralize your opponent's stance with the Circle Step

    • Unleash the power of the Sak Ken Sau ("Neck-Killing" Hand)

    • Use the "Thrusting Hand" to end a fight immediately

    • Throw a kicking opponent in the blink of an eye with the Gan Sau

    • Strike with the Asking Hand ("Mon Sau") at extreme close range

    • Deflect and counter-attack with the Wiping Hand ("Gwat Sau") to maximize economy of motion

    • Use the Hunting Hand ("Lip Sau") with one-inch techniques for maximum effectiveness

    • Find out how key Biu Jee techniques are performed with our unique 3 way illustrations that show the action from the top, side and front

    • Neutralize key techniques from Siu Nim Tau and Chum Kiu with the power of Biu Jee, including:

    1. Suppression of the Centerline Punch with the powerful Lip Sau

    2. Turn the tables on the opponent’s Fuk Sau

    3. Using the Circle Step to throw your opponent

    4. Apply the Lip Sau to neutralize the Chum Kiu kick

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