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About the Eight Methods Form

The Eight Methods Form takes the concepts from Six Openings Form to a more advanced level, with a greater emphasis on power generation, namely:

    • Cross Power: The full name is the Chinese Character Ten Power. This is a fierce and strong type of power and may be projected either via an arc or straight line. It leverages on the body’s weight / center of gravity.

    • Sinking Power: This refers to power in the lower limbs. The emphasis here is on speed and stability, and aims to provide a solid platform to support the upper body’s actions.

    • Silk Reeling Power: Rotating your fist into the punch adds to its power, like a bullet rotating out of the barrel after being fired. By involving your forearm muscles to turn the fist just prior to impact, you give added power to your punch.

The Eight Methods Form is comprised of eight sequences or sets outlined below:

    • Set 1: Three Point Hands

    • Set 2: Fierce Tiger Climbing Hill

    • Set 3: No Hesitation Hitting

    • Set 4: Reining the Horse

    • Set 5: Yang Palm Strikes

    • Set 6: Forcing Left & Right Doors

    • Set 7: Claws of the Yellow Bird

    • Set 8: Downward Cannon

What you'd find in our eBook

Our eBook contains an illustrated guide to the training and conditioning exercises of Baji Quan before introducing the beginner-level form Eight Methods Form together with examples of how the techniques can be applied in combat.

Benefits of our eBook

    • Informative and packed with diagrams:-
      The illustrations for the form itself comprise of over 47 carefully created color diagrams in addition to the many illustrations in the main body of the eBook.

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    • Multiple camera angles:-
      Multiple angles of the technique are covered in the diagrams where applicable so that you can see the technique from all perspectives.

    • Compatible with Windows PC, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad and Android phone / tablets:-
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