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Why you should learn Hung Gar


The combination of grueling low and wide stances, deadly hand techniques and rigorous internal training makes Hung Gar one of the most balanced and formidable kung fu styles.

Hung Gar was the kung fu style practiced by Chinese national heroes like Hung Hei Gun and Wong Fei Hong, and the style remains very well regarded in Chinese circles today. Hung Gar is popularised in Hong Kong movies and TV shows, including the movie "Kung Fu Hustle”. It also features heavily in the early Jet Li movie series of "Once upon a time in China", where it was used to devastating effect by Wong Fei Hung.

Hung Gar is a power style with an emphasis on developing your strength and body condition through powerful breathing and isometric exercises. Your power comes from a very strong and wide stance - Hung Gar has one of the lowest stances in Chinese kung fu. While this makes the style slower than others, this is more than compensated by the strength of the techniques. Your punches are hard and your kicks are low. In a fight, you string together the techniques to form relentless combinations that can easily overwhelm your opponent.


Hung Gar is a member of the family of kung fu styles known as Southern Kung Fu. Legend has it that it was founded in the early Qing Dynasty in Fujian Province, China, by the tea merchant Hung Hei Gun.

Hung Hei Gun was a pupil of the Abbott monk Jee Sin of the Southern Shaolin Temple, and founded Hung Gar (lit. Hung Style) after he accomplished his studies.

The name Hung Hei originates from a desire to restore the Ming Dynasty, which was overthrown by the Manchus when they founded the Qing Government. “Hung” was the name of the first Ming Emperor, Hung Wu. The issue had been particularly sensitive as the Manchus were foreigners not of the Han Chinese race when they conquered China.

Hung Gar was one of the essential arts that must be learnt by the Heaven and Earth Society set up to overthrow the Qing Government. In the old times, the goal for learning Hung Gar has always been taught as to “restore the Ming Dynasty”.


Early Hung Gar is characterized by a relatively higher stance with short bridge (i.e. short distance) hand techniques that emphasized economy of motion. In modern times, Hung Gar has incorporated elements from other Southern Kung Fu styles to adopt a lower stance, with a balance between long and short bridge hands. The spirit of Hung Gar has also evolved into that of being more passive, such that action is taken only in reaction to an act by the opponent, but such action must be quicker and strike the opponent first.

What you'd find in our eBook

The Tiger Taming Fist Form, also known as Gung Gee Fook Fu Kuen in Chinese, is a beautiful flowing form that trains you in the Chi exercise, powerful hand techniques and low stances of the style. The set originated from the founder of the style, Hung Hei Kune, and is the oldest form in Hung Gar Kung Fu. It is one of the introductory forms of Hung Gar.

Our eBook contains an illustrated guide to the Tiger Taming Fist Form, together with notes as to its concepts and applications. It also comes with an illustrated guide to the background concepts of Hung Gar:

    • Harness the power of the tiger taming fist with our guide on the 9 key punching techniques of Hung Gar with an analysis of key targets and how to develop your power for each technique

    • Conquer your enemy with 11 key palm techniques of Hung Gar, together with an analysis of key targets and how to develop your power for each technique

    • Unleash the fury of the tiger claw with our guide to the 5 main claw techniques of Hung Gar together with an analysis of key targets and how to develop your power for each technique

    • Puncture your opponent's defenses with your fingers with our guide on 2 critical finger techniques, together with an analysis of key targets and how to develop your power for each technique

    • Kick with the strength of a tiger with our guide on Hung Gar kicks, together with an analysis of key targets and how to develop your power for each technique

    • Develop the strongest stance in kung fu with our guide on the 4 key stances of Hung Gar you must know, together with tips on how to do them properly

    • Take your abilities to the next level with our guide on 10 powerful training techniques handed down from the ancient Hung Gar masters

    • Discover the ultimate level of fighting - Tiger Claw Dim Mak (pressure point fighting). Find out about key pressure points, tendons and arteries that were actively targeted by the ancient masters

    • Learn about the secrets of joint dislocation via locking and striking with the Tiger Claw

    • Key concepts and applications of the Tiger Taming Fist, including:

    1. Palm strikes to the skull

    2. Using the displacement force known as Pai Da effectively

    3. Use of the butterfly palms

    4. The block and neck choke

    5. Guarding the center

    6. Use of the neck lock

    7. The use of the unique Hung Gar eye-jab

Benefits of our eBook

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    • Multiple camera angles:-
      Multiple angles of the technique are covered in the diagrams where applicable so that you can see the technique from all perspectives.

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