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Why you should learn Choy Li Fut

Choy Li Fut uses powerful whipping arm movements to swing your fists at the opponent.

The style is characterized by circular movements in attacking and defending. The benefit of circular swinging fists is that they are difficult to block. The reliance on circular swings means that the fist can curve over and around a simple block by the opponent. Unlike a typical straight punch, a circular swing does not transfer as much vibration from the impact of a hit or block, meaning a Choy Li Fut fighter can shorten the recovery time needed to launch attacks in quick succession.

As a Choy Li Fut fighter, your waist and shoulders are similar to those of a discus thrower and your fists hit out at your opponent like a relentless flail to overwhelm the opponent.

Because Choy Li Fut trains you to rotate your arms and forearms during each swing, your technique has an added in-built tendency to roll over and knock away the opponent's guard. All these characteristics make your strike effectively unblockable.


Choy Li Fut is one of the styles of Southern Chinese Kung Fu. The style was founded by Chen Heung, a native of the Guangdong Province (1805 – 1875).

Chen learnt Southern Shaolin Kung Fu from his uncle Chen Yuen Wu when he was 12. When he was 19, he studied Li Family Kung Fu under Li Yau San. Li Yau Shan was the founder of Li Family Kung Fu, one of the five major kung fu styles in Guangdong at the time. After four years of training, Chen moved on to learn under Choy Fook in the Luofu Mountains.

Chen returned to his native province at age 34 to found his own martial arts school based on the kung fu styles taught to him from his three masters, and named it in their honor: “Choy” for Choy Fook, “Li” for Li Family Kung Fu and “Fut” for Buddha, i.e. a reference to Chen Yuen Wu’s roots with the Southern Shaolin Temple.

Taiping Rebellion

Chen returned to his native province from Luofu Mountain at the age of 34, and established his martial arts school in Jiangmen City. This was called the “Hung Sing” School.

Soon thereafter, the Taiping Rebellion (1850 – 1864) swept across China. This was a period of great turmoil in China as Christian Converts, based in Nanjing, rose in insurrection against the Qing Dynasty. Ultimately the uprising was suppressed with heavy bloodshed which resulted in the death of 20 to 30 million people.

For his part, Chen joined the Heaven and Earth Society and attempted to capture Guangzhou City. They were soundly defeated by Qing Dynasty forces. Chen escaped to Hong Kong with the remnant of his forces. The Heaven and Earth Society scattered, sowing the seeds for the Triad Societies in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

From Hong Kong, Chen found a living teaching kung fu in South East Asia, and it was during this time that he settled much of the modern day Choy Li Fut curriculum. In the 140 years since its creation, Choy Li Fut has gained the reputation of being one of the most powerful kung fu systems.

General outline of the style

There are 49 forms in Choy Li Fut as handed down by Chen Heung, of which 29 are advanced patterns. 10 of the advanced patterns are modeled after the Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Leopard, Crane, Elephant, Horse, Monkey and Tiger Cat. In addition, there are the Dragon-Tiger Fist Form, Tiger-Leopard Fist Form, Five Pattern Forms, Ten Pattern Forms, Single-Legged Fist Form and Buddha’s Palm.

All of the advanced, intermediate and beginner forms incorporate techniques from the three kung fu styles that inspired Chen Heung, although the beginner and intermediate forms puts more emphasis on techniques from Li Family Kung Fu. The Bai Mo form incorporates techniques from a fourth kung fu master, Bai Yu Fung, who frequently visited Choy Fook as a friend, and passed on his teachings to Chen during his time at the Luofu Mountains. Bai Yu Fung had been proficient in Northern Chinese Kung Fu, especially kicking techniques. “ Bai Mo” means “in homage of Bai”.

In Choy Li Fut, you fight with circular movements in attacking and defending. Your fists are like rocks tied to a rope, and great power is generated from turning the whole body to whip fists of granite to overwhelm one or many opponents at blinding speed.

Easy to learn and devastatingly effective, Choy Li Fut was the kung fu style of choice for the Taiping Rebels of the Heaven and Earth Society in their desperate fight against the Qing troops. This proud heritage extends to the modern day, where the prowess of Choy Li Fut fighters remains unquestioned throughout Hong Kong and South East Asia.

What you'd find in our eBook

Our eBook contains an illustrated guide to the Five Wheel Stance Form, together with detailed notes setting out key concepts, drills and applications.

The Five Wheel Stance was one of the original forms devised by Chen Heung. The ability to turn the shoulders, waist and hips into a long arm attack or defense is fundamental to Choy Li Fut, and Chen devised the Five Wheel Stance with this in mind. "Rotations" in this form refers to sequences of Choy Li Fut stance, punching and kicking movements.

Our eBook covers:

    1. The Five Rotation Stances Form with colored diagrams and step by step instructions

    2. Analysis of what each component of the form means and how it is applied, with illustrations:

        • Opening – things to keep in mind

        • How to form the Horse Stance, i.e. hoi ma

        • The Hanging Stance and its purpose

        • The Closed and Kneeling Stances of Choy Li Fut

        • How to turn the shoulders – Da Bok and Se Bok

        • Attacking with the Sword Palm and Tiger Claw

        • Attacking with the Gwar Fist

        • Attacking with the Chap Fist and Eye-Jab

        • Defending with the Yang Kiu

        • The dual purpose of the Sub-Jee Sau

        • Use of the Poon Kiu to defend

        • Use of the Lan Palm

        • Use of the double Tiger Claws

    3. Explanation of the 25 fundamental Choy Li Fut techniques with illustrations

    4. Training exercises, including sandbag practice drills and jab drills

    5. Breathing exercise for Chi development

    6. Kicking drills

Benefits of our eBook

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    • Easy to understand instructions:-
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    • Multiple camera angles:-
      Multiple angles of the technique are covered in the diagrams where applicable so that you can see the technique from all perspectives.

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