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Yan Qing is one of the more well known Shaolin routines. It is named after Yan Qing, a martial arts master who learnt the style from a Shaolin monk Lu Junyi towards the end of the Song Dynasty.

Following the overthrow of the Song Dynasty, Lu and Yan were forced into hiding, but rumours of their martial arts legacy abound. Both were featured in the Chinese classic Tales of the Water Margin. Because of the uncertain heritage of the form, as well as the fact that the form consists of many inconsistent and uncertain movements, Yan Qing is sometimes also referred to as Mi Zhong Quan, the Fist of Unknown Origin in Chinese.

The Yan Qing Form is a powerful attacking form that explores both the fundamental Shaolin techniques (e.g. hurricane kicks, punches involving the whole body) as well as attacking combinations involving both horizontal and vertical attacks.

Our eBook shows the complete form as well as drills, techniques and applications associated with the form.

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    • Informative and packed with diagrams:-
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      Multiple angles of the technique are covered in the diagrams where applicable so that you can see the technique from all perspectives.

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