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Why you should learn Monkey Kung Fu

Monkey Kung Fu is known for its tumbling and rolling techniques, its agile footwork and its deadly accuracy.

Monkeys in the wild have to fight against enemies many times their size. They try to run away if possible. If not, they never assume they can take out their opponent in a first blow in any case. Monkey kung fu is therefore about being clever and intelligent. To fight well, think like a monkey and adopt its mannerisms to outwit your opponent in a fight.

There are four main sects of Monkey Kung Fu today - The Northern Monkey Style, Southern Monkey Style, the Wushu Monkey Style as well as the Tai Sheng Pek Kwar School.

Monkey Kung Fu in Mainland China is traditionally divided between the Northern and Southern Styles, with Wushu Practitioners adopting the style for performances. The Tai Sheng School also has a notable following, especially overseas.

Although both share the same outward mannerisms of a monkey, Northern Style Monkey fighters emphasize long range attacks and intricate patterns of movement. Southern Style Monkey fighters emphasize close range and quick continuous attacks.

What you'd find in our eBook

Our eBook contains an illustrated guide to the Northern Style Monkey Kung Fu Hou Quan Form (Monkey Fist), together with notes as to its concepts and applications. It also comes with an illustrated guide to the background concepts of Monkey Kung Fu.

Hou Quan (meaning "Monkey Fist" in Mandarin Chinese) is a form of the Northern Monkey sect based in Sichuan Province, China, and is a beginner to intermediate routine that teaches the major skills of Northern Monkey Kung Fu.

    • How to adopt the mannerisms of a monkey in a fight

    • Concepts of Monkey Kung Fu, including:

    1. The use of active deception, including the effective use of the eyes and body

    2. Drills for the 5 main types of footwork of Northern Monkey Kung Fu

    3. Moving with the hands and feet

    • Kicks, hand techniques and how they are applied in combat

    • The basis of power generation and stances

    • Illustrated guide to the Hou Quan Form, with explanations of how each component is applied in combat, including:

    1. use ground-diving techniques offensively

    2. trap your opponent's leg and render him unable to fight

    3. use mid-air attacks against your opponent

    4. draw in your opponent like a vortex to pull them to the ground

    5. send your opponent to the ground when your arm is seized

    6. get out of tricky situations while counter-attacking at the same time

    7. knock out your opponent with the double block and kick

    8. defeat your opponent's low attacks before they can connect

    9. using the shoulders to strike at your opponent

    10. apply the monkey pounce to close distances

    11. use of the scissors kick

    12. use of misdirection and the cartwheel kick

    13. applying the inverted tackle against your opponent

Benefits of our eBook

    • Informative and packed with diagrams:-
      The illustrations for the form itself comprise of over 181 carefully created color diagrams in addition to the many illustrations in the main body of the eBook.

    • Easy to understand instructions:-
      Our eBooks contain detailed instructions written by our expert editors in a friendly, easy to read style. All text is in English.

    • Multiple camera angles:-
      Multiple angles of the technique are covered in the diagrams where applicable so that you can see the technique from all perspectives.

    • Compatible with Windows PC, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad and Android phone / tablets:-
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    • Printer friendly:-
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