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Why you should learn Snake Kung Fu

Snake Kung Fu is a type of animal imitation kung fu that mimics the movements of the snake in attacking and defending.

In Snake Kung Fu, the footwork of the style is agile and nimble, with the upper body supple at all times. The arms mimic the side-winding motion of a snake, with sudden curling and uncurling characteristics. The entire body moves as one. The body flows into a strike, and turns with a parry.

The snake is unpredictable yet vicious, and Snake Kung Fu is one of the most deceptive styles of animal boxing. It closes distances quickly and traps / jams its enemies with entangling movements, before finally killing them with a vicious well placed strike.

These characteristics are reflected in Snake Kung Fu - The Snake Fighter never charges directly. He is patient, and waits for an opportunity to present itself before hitting home with sharp, quick strikes that target the weak spots of the enemy. The favourite targets are the eyes, throat, pressure points and joints. In particular, Snake Kung Fu are divided into four categories reflecting the characteristics of the snake:


The snake winds its body backward when it is alert to its surroundings. It raises it head to size up its prey and prepare a strike. It also raises its head to detect enemies. The overall impetus is cautious, observant and alert. This is reflected in the guard position of Snake Kung Fu, with a raised Bent Head Palm that can defend and attack at an instant. Coiling or winding the Bent Head Palm mimics to the snake winding up to anticipate the opponent’s strike and build up impetus in anticipation of a counter-strike.


Certain types of snake rely on coiling their body around its prey to kill it through the process of constriction. In Snake Kung Fu constriction is the concept of constricting the opponent’s attacking limb to jam their movements. It is commonly associated with the hands wiping outward or circling the opponent’s arm to seize and immobilize, then striking at the opponent’s weak points (e.g. eyes, throat or joints).

Dropping downward

Snakes drop downward to dodge an enemy or strike in an ambush attack from above. The impetus of fast downward movement and downward strikes plays an important part in Snake Kung Fu. For example, downward movement is used to dodge the opponent’s attack and then to suddenly strike at his lower targets.


Snakes strike forward in a fast straight-line manner to bite and kill its prey. This is manifested through the Flat Head Palm. The key is to remain relax up until the instant prior to impact, upon which the muscles are tensed and then released through the finger tips at the moment of impact. This is not the same as bluntly stabbing the target.


Rising mimics the snake moving upward to bite its prey. This is the rising action of an upward palm strike or the rising of the body after leading the opponent’s force downward. Balance is to be maintained at all times, and is to be coordinated with the opening of the relevant joints and rising of Chi (exhale) from the dan tien.

What you'd find in our eBook

Our eBook is designed as an introductory guide to Snake Kung Fu. It covers the critical concepts and training methods of the style. It then introduces the beginner-level form, the Snake Fist Form, together with illustrated applications.

Our eBook covers:

    • How to learn Snake Kung Fu in a systematic manner - The stages of practice.

    • The Snake Palm imitates the coiled motion of the snake - Understand the theory and use of the Snake Palm, the types of contact and the energy issued with each type of contact.

    • Snake Kung Fu relies on intricate hand and kicking techniques to viciously engage the enemy. Discover the distinctive techniques of Snake Kung Fu such as the Snake Head Palms and how they are used in combat.

    • The Snake Kung Fu fighter is agile and nimble. Like the snake he is always moving for the best position for a strike. Find out about the unique stepping techniques of Snake Kung Fu together with training methods.

    • In an enemy confrontation, the snake always sizes up the strategic position relative to its enemies - Discover the offensive, defensive and neutral positions adopted by the Snake Kung Fu fighter in an enemy confrontation.

    • Entanglement - The core strategy of Snake Kung Fu is to dissipate the opponent’s impetus and constrict the opponent so they have little room to make further strikes. Discover the entanglement techniques of Snake Kung Fu, how they are applied and related sensitivity training using aids such as the snake ring.

    • Training exercises - Our eBook shows training exercises that can help you condition your skills for Snake Kung Fu effectively and efficiently.

    • Learn the beginner level Snake Fist Form with illustrations and step by step instructions, together with examples of applications from the form.

Benefits of our eBook

    • Informative and packed with diagrams:-
      The illustrations for the form comprise of over 61 carefully created color diagrams in addition to the many illustrations in the main body of the eBook.

    • Easy to understand instructions:-
      Our eBooks contain detailed instructions written by our expert editors in a friendly, easy to read style. All text is in English.

    • Multiple camera angles:-
      Multiple angles of the technique are covered in the diagrams where applicable so that you can see the technique from all perspectives.

    • Compatible with Windows PC, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad and Android phone / tablets:-
      We provide two formats of our eBook for each customer: an HTML version and a PDF version. The HTML version is compatible with Windows PC, Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad as well as Android phone / tablets. The PDF version can be accessed from any device running Adobe Reader.

    • Printer friendly:-
      The PDF version of the eBook can be printed from any printer.

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