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Why you should learn Tiger Kung Fu

Tiger Claw Kung Fu is inspired by the ferocity of the tiger in attacking its prey, leaping action and agility. The techniques of the style have significant offensive and defensive applications. It is a popular style of Kung Fu in Southern China and Hong Kong.

Tiger Kung Fu practitioners harnesses the spirit and dignity of the tiger in the forms and using the tiger’s ferocity and intensity as a source of inspiration to drive their actions. The techniques of the style are ferocious, especially the focus on tearing into the opponent and going for his eyes and throat. The fire in the eyes of Tiger Kung Fu practitioners resemble that of a dangerous tiger stalking its prey’s every move.

The Tiger is one of the Five Animals commonly practiced in Kung Fu, the others being Dragon, Leopard, Snake and Crane. The emphasis of Tiger Kung Fu is on strengthening the body’s skeletal structure, namely the fingers, hands and forearms.

Characteristics of Tiger Kung Fu

Every move should be done using the entire body into the strike. Power comes from turning of the waist transmitting the power from the feet to the hands and finger tips. This results in a tough but elastic power that carries a whipping power with every strike.

All actions in Tiger Kung Fu have dignity, purpose and power. They are never half-hearted or hesitant. The eyes are angry like that of the tiger. The tiger strikes with no mercy and only with the intent to kill.

Tiger Kung Fu relies mainly but not exclusively on the versatile Tiger Claw, with an emphasis on conditioning the fingers to seize as well as to main. The Tiger Claw can grip the opponent in an iron grip such that the Tiger Kung Fu fighter can pull the opponent in any direction at will. The Tiger Claw can also dig into the flesh of the opponent to draw blood or paralyze the limb to which it has a hold on. For more advanced fighters, the Tiger Claw can be used to target pressure points or cause blindness.

Besides gripping, the Tiger Claw can also be adopted to hit with great force. The back of the Tiger Claw can whip the opponent. The ridge of the finger-joints can be adapted to strike as the Leopard Paw against hard to reach targets such as the armpits.

The Tiger Kung Fu fighter relies mainly on his hand techniques to carry the fight. Kicks rarely go above the waist, and are used mainly to distract or trap the opponent.

What you'd find in our eBook

Our eBook serves as a beginner’s guide to Tiger Kung Fu and explores the basics of the style. It then introduces the Fierce Tiger Form with step by step instructions, as well as shows techniques and applications from the form.

Our eBook covers:

    • Proficiency in Tiger Kung Fu begins with the correct posture. Our eBook goes through in detail the different requirements of posture and training.

    • Tiger Kung Fu relies on a sophisticated system of issuing power against your opponent. This is known as "Fa Qin” in Chinese. Discover the different components of power in Tiger Kung Fu as well as elevating your muscle sensitivity to deliver crushing power in every strike.

    • Step by step illustrated instructions for the beginner-level Fierce Tiger Form (detailed below).

    • Techniques and applications from the Fierce Tiger Form, including:
      1. The signature Tiger Claw technique and its many uses as an opening strike, feigning strike, defensive countering, parrying and more
      2. Other techniques including the punching and kicking methods of Tiger Claw Kung Fu, as well as close range strikes with the elbows and knees
    • Good stance work is the foundation of Tiger Kung Fu - Learn about the stances of Tiger Claw Kung Fu

    • Training methods to condition your body and elevate your abilities in Tiger Kung Fu

Benefits of our eBook

    • Informative and packed with diagrams:-
      The illustrations for the eBook comprise of over 78 diagrams to show you the concepts, training and techniques of Sanda in detail.

    • Easy to understand instructions:-
      Our eBooks contain detailed instructions written by our expert editors in a friendly, easy to read style. All text is in English.

    • Multiple camera angles:-
      Multiple angles of the technique are covered in the diagrams where applicable so that you can see the technique from all perspectives.

    • Compatible with Windows PC, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad and Android phone / tablets:-
      We provide two formats of our eBook for each customer: an HTML version and a PDF version. The HTML version is compatible with Windows PC, Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad as well as Android phone / tablets. The PDF version can be accessed from any device running Adobe Reader.

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