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Why you should learn Qi Gong - Tendon Changing Exercise

Known as Yi Jin Jing in Chinese, the Tendon Changing Exercise is divided into a series of twelve exercises (outside of the opening and closing) that flexes and exercises all parts of the body.

The Tendon Changing Exercise dates from the Han Dynasty of China almost 2000 years ago and was adopted and modified by the Shaolin Temple. The Shaolin monks were involved in long periods of meditation and quiet sitting, and the Tendon Changing Exercise became a useful exercise for them to remain physically active in addition to kung fu.

The Tendon Changing Exercise became known outside of the Shaolin Temple during the Song Dynasty where a number of works on the exercise was written. While it still has its roots in Shaolin, by the Qing Dynasty the modern form of the Tendon Changing Exercise is no longer limited to the Shaolin Temple but had become popular and accessible Qi Gong exercise for the masses.

The Tendon Changing Exercise is easy to learn but takes time to master. The movements are graceful and can be done anywhere without the need for specialized equipment. It is a self contained exercise based upon activation of meridians and acupuncture points to produce tangible health benefits, namely improved circulation, better flexibility and strengthening of muscle tendons.

What you'd find in our Volume 2 eBook

This eBook breaks down each part of the Tendon Changing Exercise including practice notes, key points to observe and common mistakes to avoid. As such it is aimed for the practitioner who wishes to harness the benefits of the Tendon Changing Exercise in a self learning environment.

Our eBook covers:

    • The requirements of practicing the Tendon Changing Exercise

    • Explanation of the hand shapes appearing within the form

    • Explanation of the stances appearing within the form

    • The Tendon Changing Exercise illustrated with detailed explanations as to body position, technique, breathing and state of mind

Benefits of our eBook

    • Informative and packed with diagrams:-
      The illustrations for the eBook comprise of over 124 carefully created color diagrams to show you the entire form and information related to the relevant body positions for the Tendon Changing Exercise.

    • Easy to understand instructions:-
      Our eBooks contain detailed instructions written by our expert editors in a friendly, easy to read style. All text is in English.

    • Multiple camera angles:-
      Multiple angles of the technique are covered in the diagrams where applicable so that you can see the technique from all perspectives.

    • Compatible with Windows PC, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad and Android phone / tablets:-
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