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Chen Style Tai Chi was founded in Hebei Province by Chen Wang Tin about three centuries ago. Chen practiced martial arts since a very young age and became highly skilled and was appointed the commander of the forces of the Ming Dynasty in the province in 1641.

After the fall of the Ming Dynasty, he went into hiding and led a simple life farming to live out the rest of his days. During this time, he also consolidated his martial arts knowledge, namely Taoist principles of fighting and breathing, into the Old Form.

Characteristics of the style

There are no hard blocks in Chen Style Tai Chi. The aim is twofold in combat:

    • To cultivate and channel a type of passive energy called the Dissolution Force (known as "Hua Qin" in Chinese) to draw in any incoming strike like a vortex and dissolve it completely; and

    • Overwhelm your opponent with a strong burst of Exerted Force (known as "Fa Qin" in Chinese) to counter-attack

Every technique in the Old Form is a deflection or re-direction using the Dissolution Force in combination with a counter-attack technique using the Exerted Force.

Chen Style Tai Chi focuses on Chi development and cultivation of the Exerted and Dissolution Forces, especially the technique known as Silk Reeling Force ("Lian Shi Qin" in Chinese). It focuses on circling to absorb and dissolve the opponent's energy like a vortex, as well as using internal will to project power. Chen Style Tai Chi is the most aggressive and dynamic of the Tai Chi styles.

What you'd find in our eBook

You will find in our eBook the complete illustrated guide to the Old Form with instructions, background concepts, drills, techniques and applications.

The Old Form is one of the classic forms of Chen Style Tai Chi, designed to develop proper breathing, pushing hand techniques, understating of the Exerted Force and Dissolution Force, Silk Reeling, circular motion and persistent energy flow for combat.

Benefits of our eBook

    • Informative and packed with diagrams:-
      The illustrations for the form itself comprise of over 248 carefully created color diagrams in addition to the many illustrations in the main body of the eBook.

    • Easy to understand instructions:-
      Our eBooks contain detailed instructions written by our expert editors in a friendly, easy to read style. All text is in English.

    • Multiple camera angles:-
      Multiple angles of the technique are covered in the diagrams where applicable so that you can see the technique from all perspectives.

    • Compatible with Windows PC, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad and Android phone / tablets:-
      We provide two formats of our eBook for each customer: an HTML version and a PDF version. The HTML version is compatible with Windows PC, Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad as well as Android phone / tablets. The PDF version can be accessed from any device running Adobe Reader.

    • Printer friendly:-
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